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Cao Cao (onyomi: Sō Sō) was the Chancellor of the Han Dynasty who laid the foundations for the future kingdom of Wei. A clean-cut, tall, and crafty individual, Cao Cao excelled in war and politics. He was loved and feared for his perceptiveness and swift retaliations, as well as his very close...

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Cao Cao ( pronunciation (help·info); [tsʰǎu tsʰáu]; Chinese: 曹操; 155 – 15 March 220), courtesy name Mengde ( Chinese: 孟德 ), was a Chinese warlord, statesman and poet. He was the penultimate grand chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty. As one of the central figures of the ...

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Misunderstood Facts About Cao Cao, The Warlord Of Wei

Archaeologists believe this tomb may have belonged to Cao Cao’s son, Cao Ang, whose body was never found after the Battle of Wancheng in 199 CE. Shutterstock 13.

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Cao Cao was born in Qiao (present-day Bozhou, Anhui) in 155. His father Cao Song was a foster son of Cao Teng, who in turn was one of the favourite eunuchs of Emperor Huan. Some historical records, including the Biography of Cao Man, claim that Cao Song's original family name was Xiahou. Cao was known for his craftiness as an adolescent.

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Cao Cao returned to his base in Xu (許; present-day Xuchang, Henan) sometime between 26 January and 23 February 198 after his second campaign against Zhang Xiu. Between 24 April and 23 May, he launched a third campaign and led his forces to attack Zhang Xiu at Rang County (穰縣; or Rangcheng 穰城; present-day Dengzhou, Henan).

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Originally posted to Quora on May 14, 2011 Popular stories vilify Cao Cao, but more serious scholarly works and even the more neutral historical records don’t paint him as such a bogeyman.

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Cao Mao (pronunciation (help·info)) (241 – 2 June 260), courtesy name Yanshi, was the fourth emperor of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a grandson of Cao Pi, the first emperor of Wei.